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Program Features

The program is easily intuitive to use. Anyone can use it to design good looking posters in minutes.

To see the system requirements click here
Main features are:

  • No installation required. No weird files on your system
  • Use any Windows printer
  • Use any paper supported by your printer. Any size. (A4, A3, Folio, Letter, etc)
  • Posters can be any size you want. Using this program you can ever cover an entire whole wall of of your house!
  • Use any font installed in your system for text
  • Use any photograph as background. Supported formats are BMP, JPEG, PNG, EMF and GIF. Uou can even use just part of a photo!
  • Choose predefined type and color for the frame

MULTI LINGUAL: The program is totally multilingual. Available in: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Catalan and Valencian. We are working in other like arabic.

Contribute: to translate the program into your language, contact us throught the 'Contact'  menu. Your name will appear in this web, into the list of collaborators.

Screen Captures (English):

1.Choose your text. Up to 4 lines:

2. Choose your photo background:

3. Select a frame:

4. Edit the size:

 Just print !